A Fair Deal For Africa

Africa is on the move. Driven by explosive population growth, economic integration and the fourth industrial revolution, its future holds unprecedented promise – but looming disaster too. We believe that Africa’s future lies in the informal sector.

Easy, high quality and low-cost access to e-services

As people in Africa are quickly adopting the smartphone to access everyday life services – food, health, transport, banking, insurance – an explosion of apps is making it increasingly hard to find the e-services they are looking for. GreenLeenx’s groundbreaking e-marketspace helps overwhelmed consumers find their way.

Unique business opportunity for a bright African future

GreenLeenx will be launching two scalable e-marketspaces in Gauteng, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria in 2025, targeting yearly revenues of USD 32 million in a market worth USD 3.2 billion.


Africaʼs population will reach 2.5 billion in 2060, a quarter of the
worldʼs population. Over 60% of people will live in cities


The informal sector employs 80% of workers and represents 50% of Africaʼs GDP


Consumer expenditure is expected to reach USD 2 trillion in 2025


Mobile money transactions in Africa were valued at USD 701 billion in 2021